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HealthWay Supports the 5th Annual Flower City Invitational

On Saturday, June 13th, Jason Francher, Business Development Manager at HealthWay will be participating in the 5th annual Flower City Invitational at Webster East Golf Course in Webster, NY. Along with participation, HealthWay will also be donating a Deluxe Air Purification Unit to be auctioned off. All proceeds from the tournament benefit the Melissa’s Living Legacy Teen Cancer Foundation.

Mike and Jen Zaffuts started this golf tournament 5 years ago after Jen listened to Lauren Spiker, the director of Melissa’s Living Legacy Teen Cancer Foundation speak at the school she previously worked for. Her daughter Melissa Sengbusch, died after being diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a rare bone marrow malignancy as a teenager. Through their website:, the efforts of Melissa’s Living Legacy Foundation are dedicated to the approximately 15,000 teens undergoing treatment in the United States for cancer each year offering support and tips on how to “deal with cancer”

Mike, also having a childhood friend that passed away due to cancer met with Lauren and the rest is tournament history. The Flower City Invitational has already raised over $7,000 in its short existence and HealthWay is proud to be a part of a growing tournament for a wonderful cause.

If you are interested in directly donating to the cause please visit the teens with Cancer website:

Leading Saudi Arabian Hospital Partners with HealthWay to Reduce Airborne Infection

Al-Adwani General Hospital has partnered with HealthWay, the Global-leading provider of medical and commercial air cleaners to help improve the quality of air for their patients and employees and reduce the spread of airborne infection. Al-Adwani General Hospital is one of the most sought after hospital in Taif, Saudi Arabia for it’s skilled staff and state of the art services. Started in 1988 by the late visionary, Sheikh Abdullah his son Dr. Hassan Al Adwani is the current Chief Executive Officer/Hospital General Director.


Al-Adwani hospital purchased twenty-five medical grade air cleaners with patented DFS technology, which has been proven to be 40x more efficient than a similar size HEPA air cleaner. Clinical testing of HealthWay air cleaners in hospital settings have shown greater than 90% reduction in airborne ultrafine particles. It is these ultrafine particles that are most dangerous to humans as they penetrate deep into the human bloodstream and wreak havoc on even the healthiest person’s immune system. DFS technology not only provides a higher efficiency for ultrafine particle capture than its competitors but also a lower pressure drop which results in a higher airflow per decibel level of noise and a much higher cleaning effectiveness rate.

Vinny Lobdell, President of Pulaski based HealthWay stated, “We are delighted that our products and solutions were chosen by Al-Adwani General Hospital to help provide the next level of safety and comfort for patients and employees alike. “

Al-Adwani is one of many hospitals throughout the Middle East to partner with HealthWay the fight against MERS. Although scientists are not certain how the disease spreads, most known cases have come from close contact with others who have the virus in a hospital setting.

HealthWay will be participating and exhibiting their full line of air cleaning solutions at the Middle East’s largest infrastructure and hospital build show from June 7-10th in Dubai. When it matters most industry leaders like Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, BMW and the Cleveland Clinic rely on HealthWay’s patented DFS technology to provide the safest air quality.

For more information on Al-Adwani General Hospital visit