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HealthWay to Launch USA Made Commercial Air Cleaners at the 2016 Water Quality Show in Nashville

The global leader in air cleaning solutions will launch two new commercial products taking place at the Water Quality Show in Nashville on March 14th.

09-February-2016 – Pulaski, New York – HealthWay the global leading provider of air cleaning solutions will be exhibiting and launching a new line of commercial air cleaning products at the largest water treatment show in the United States. WQA Aquatech USA is now the WQA Convention & Exposition. The Water Quality Association (WQA) is taking an already successful event and making it even better at connecting water treatment industry professionals to the technologies, know-how, training, networking and business opportunities they value. The 2016 Water Quality show will be held at the Nashville Music City Center on March 14th -17th. The show features some of the latest innovations in the water treatment industry.
HealthWay has been a proud WQA industry partner and supplier for 10 years and focuses on providing high quality water treatment dealers and distributors with a quality ancillary add on product to be sold in conjunction with their water treatment products. HealthWay air cleaners are the most commonly sold air cleaners to the hospitality market and the trusted leader for governments and hospitals around the globe.

“Serious global air quality challenges need serious solutions and most portable air cleaners on the market do not have the capacity to handle the serious indoor air quality challenges facing most industrialized nations,” stated Jason Francher Sales Manager of Central New York Based HealthWay. He continued saying, “Our Made in the U.S.A commercial products have been built specifically to handle the most polluted and mission critical environments.”

Two of the new commercial air cleaners being featured are: A revolutionary high capacity ceiling mounted air cleaning unit that has been proven to capture particles at a rate of 40X more efficient than that of a HEPA air cleaner. The 700 CM is as convenient as it gets – it’s a cinch to install, and its automatic servo mechanism provides ease of servicing and filter replacement. Ideal for treating midsize areas like conference spaces, restaurants and health clubs, it operates at four different speeds to provide different cleaning rates depending on the application. A high capacity portable air cleaning unit that delivers almost 1000 CFM and is 40x more efficient than a HEPA filtration system. The 950-p also can be equipped with a customized 70 pound VOC cartridge for heavy gas and odor adsorption. This unit has become the product of choice for the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health and their battle with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. HealthWay’s DFS Technology (Disinfecting Filtration System) surpasses all other types of filtration. This revolutionary technology traps microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and viruses, reduces bio-burden and inhibits microorganism’s growth through Microbiostatic condition, resulting in the most powerful residential, commercial and medical air purification in the world. To learn more about HealthWay’s newest commercial air cleaning products or to inquire about partnership opportunities please stop by booth #1504 or visit

Air Cleaner Manufacturer Continues to Innovate and Bring Jobs back to the United States

Online PR News – 02-February-2015 – Pulaski New York – In President Obama’s State of the Union this year he stated “More than half of manufacturing executives have said they’re actively looking at bringing jobs back from China.”HealthWay, a global leading manufacturer of air cleaners for residential, commercial, medical and industrial applications has a few of those executives.

HealthWay has continued to innovate new game changing air-cleaning products for the increasing global pollution problem. As many companies continue to outsource manufacturing, HealthWay has committed to “Made in America” focusing heavily in the Central New York Community. HealthWay recently acquired 18 acres in Pulaski, New York that will soon house its new corporate headquarters.

Vince and Vinny Lobdell have planned a major expansion of the area to bring many manufacturing jobs back from Asia. Vinny Lobdell President of Pulaski based HealthWay stated, “HealthWay is a U.S. brand built on U.S. ingenuity and hard work. It’s time to bring more manufacturing back to where it all started, Central New York.” The new facility will house a state of the art R&D facility, corporate offices and a full production line that will manufacture the company’s award winning commercial and residential DFS air cleaning systems.

HealthWay manufactures air-cleaning products for a wide range of customers around the globe. The company’s patented technology has been proven to be the most efficient line of air cleaners ever developed. Certified independent third party test data supports a filtration efficiency of 99.99% at removing all particles as small as .007 micron which is 50% more efficient than a HEPA filter. It is these ultrafine particles that have now been proven to cause stroke, cardiovascular disease and even birth defects.

Most recently HealthWay was employed to provide customized filtration for one of China’s most distinguished private schools, Dulwich Beijing. These customized units were built in Pulaski, New York and employed in the most polluted city on earth. Testing 6 months after the installation showed that after HealthWay filtration, the school met all guidelines for a healthy indoor environment. Lobdell stated, “Air quality problems come in all shapes and sizes and so do our customized solutions. We provide real solutions to real problems, we do not try to simply patch the problem with a one size fits all approach.”

When it matters most companies turn to HealthWay to improve their indoor air quality. HealthWay’s Residential and Commercial products are found at BMW, Bank of China, Harvard University, Hyatt Hotels, Crystal Cruises, Cleveland Clinic, Ronald McDonald Houses, Hilton Hotels and many other prestigious locations around the globe. Now these companies can breathe a little easier knowing the HealthWay brand will be carrying a MADE IN AMERICA tag on them..

HealthWay Partners with BMW China to Combat Indoor Air Pollution Throughout China

BMW Corporate Training Center in Guangzhou uses a HealthWay Air Purifier to combat China’s indoor air pollution problem.

Beijing China has for many years suffered from serious air pollution. Primary sources of pollutants include exhaust emission from Beijing’s more than five million motor vehicles, coal burning in neighboring regions, dust storms from the north and local construction dust. Particularly severe smog engulfed the city for weeks in early 2013, elevating public awareness to unprecedented levels and prompting the government to roll out emergency measures. 

The German automaker BMW took matters into their own hands by partnering with the global leader in indoor air cleaning, HealthWay. Over the past 12 months, BMW offices throughout China have installed HealthWay’s medical grade air cleaners, shown to capture 99.99% of all particles down to .007 micron. It is these ultrafine particles that have now been proven to cause the most havoc of the human immune system. The BMW Corporate Training Center in Guangzhou was the first to take the steps to treat the indoor air problem.  The Corporate Training Center houses hundreds of people and routinely provides support for other regions throughout China. Vinny Lobdell, President of Central New York based HealthWay stated “ It goes without saying how humbled we are that BMW chose us to provide clean air for their employees throughout China. BMW represents dependability, luxury and innovation all of which we strive to achieve at HealthWay.”

HealthWay manufactures medical, commercial, industrial and residential air cleaners. Their air purification systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different applications. HealthWay’s latest innovative system far surpasses HEPA filtration. HealthWay’s DFS technology has been independently tested and is 50 times more efficient than a similar sized HEPA.

When it matters most companies turn to HealthWay to improve their indoor air quality. They are proud to add BMW to the growing list of companies choosing HealthWay products. HealthWay’s Residential and Commercial products are found at Hyatt, Marriott, Starwood and Hilton Hotels, Harvard University, Crystal Cruises, Cleveland Clinic and many other prestigious locations around the globe as well as the official provider of Clean Air for the Pure Allergy Friendly Room program. For more information on HealthWay visit


HealthWay Chosen to Provide Clean Air to Hospitals in Ecuador to Help Reduce Airborne Infection

Located in a high Andean Valley Ecuador’s Capital City, Quito is one of the most polluted cities in South America. The severe air pollution comes from manufacturing plants and motor vehicles. It’s a contributor to more than 14,000 new cases of tuberculosis each year. Air pollution is also a major concern in rural areas in Ecuador with the increased use of agricultural pesticides and chemicals. It has become such a problem that governmental agencies are now rating poor air quality to a number of respiratory illnesses.


Many state run and private hospitals have partnered with HealthWay a global leading provider of residential, medical, and commercial air cleaners to help prevent airborne infection in hospitals and clinics across the country. Hospital del IESS was one of the first in Ecuador to install HealthWay’s air cleaners in the Intensive care units. Since the install there has been a noticeable difference in quality of life for patients and a reduction in cross contamination.

HealthWay’s patented commercial DFS air cleaners provide the highest level of efficiency ever recorded. Their systems have been proven to be 99.999% efficient at capturing ultrafine particles down to .007 micron in size. It’s proven that these ultrafine particles can reek havoc on the immune system and cause many airborne related illnesses and diseases. Further, DFS technology provides huge energy savings over traditional HEPA filtration systems due to decreased pressure drop. HEPA filters have a tendency to act as a breeding ground for living organisms. HealthWay’s patented DFS systems create an uninhabitable environment for growth in the filter. The end result is lower energy costs; higher efficiencies and reduced transmission of airborne illnesses. HealthWay manufacturers a range of commercial air cleaners all incorporating DFS technology and can be installed at the time of new construction or easily adapted to an existing air handling unit. HealthWay has currently installed medical grade air cleaners in 10 hospitals in Ecuador.

Vinny Lobdell President of Central New York Based HealthWay stated “ We are pleased to see the acceptance of our “Made in the USA” air cleaning products around the globe. We take pride in providing real solutions for the most mission critical applications like providing better than HEPA air quality in the intensive care unit at Hospital del IESS in Ecuador.”

HealthWay manufactures medical, commercial, industrial and residential air cleaners. All providing better than HEPA efficiency. They customize each product installed commercially to meet the individual customer’s need in Pulaski, New York. They are the official provider of Clean Air for the PURE Allergy Friendly Room program with their products being found at Hyatt Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Starwood Hotels, Hilton Hotels, BMW Corporate, Volkswagen Corporate, Harvard University, China Mobile and many other prestigious locations around the globe. For more information on HealthWay visit