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Air Quality Awareness Week


This week is Air Quality Awareness Week. It serves as a reminder that air quality affects everyone and it’s up to us to help control and improve our air quality for generations to come.

Air quality affects our way of life from polluting our lungs to clogging our arteries. More and more research is coming out every week linking poor air quality to health issues. Ground-level ozone, particle pollution, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide surround us in the air we breathe. In China and India the levels of air pollution are at alarming levels with residents doing all they can to lessen their exposure.

At HealthWay, we offer solutions for the indoor environment with our wide range of products designed for cleaning the air. HealthWay’s patented technology has been proven to be the most efficient ever developed. Certified independent testing supports a filtration efficiency of 99.99% at removing particles as small as .007 microns, which is 50% more efficient than a HEPA filter.

While HealthWay can help you control your indoor environment. It is up to everyone to control our outdoor environment. This week take the steps and do your part to reduce your impact on air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests this week carpool with fellow workers, fill your gas tank at night, walk or ride your bike and when going to lunch, avoid the drive thru, walk in to prevent your car from idling.

These tips can be used everyday verses just this week. Start a habit and help reduce our carbon footprint. For more information on Air Quality Awareness Week visit or

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The American Club In Taipei Taiwan Becomes The First PURE Allergy Friendly Fitness Center Worldwide

Online PR News – 27-October-2011 – – From Boston to Beijing and from Toronto to Taipei PURE Allergy friendly rooms are popping up everywhere. PURE allergy friendly rooms are installed by PURE Global, an innovator in healthy indoor environments with licensees in more than 20 countries. The patented seven step process has been noted as the hottest amenity in the hospitality industry and has been adopted by major chains like Hyatt, Marriott and Hilton. Pure has adapted the process for applications to several more vertical markets including fitness centers.

The American Club in Taipei, the thriving hub of expatriate life in Taiwan, has become the first fitness center to go completely PURE. The ACC is outward looking and consistently seeks to enhance its facilities and meet the ever-evolving needs of the international community; PURE was a natural evolution. The fitness centers surfaces have been professionally cleaned and shielded using the patented seven step PURE process to protect against harmful diseases,and the air handling system has been equipped with a state-of-the-art HealthWay Air cleaning system. This system has been proven to capture and eliminate almost all particles in the air including bacteria, virus mold and fungi,creating a safe healthy environment for people suffering from respiratory issues,asthma, allergies, and those people who demand the best air quality.

Vinny Lobdell, Executive Vice President of PURE Global stated “The American Club is one of the finest fitness centers in the world, always on the cutting edge of innovation. The PURE system provides an unmatched unique experience.” He continues by saying ” The American Club fitness center is simply the healthiest, cleanest fitness facility in Asia, and is delivered with its own built-in immune system .”

PURE is continuing its rapid global expansion and will be sponsoring the 2011 International Hotel Motel and Restaurant show in NYC between November 12th-15th.

To learn more about PURE’s indoor environmental offerings or the American Club in Taiwan please visit or

You can also read more on the success of the American Club at:


Healthway President Vinny Lobdell to Speak at Syracuse University’s Kiebach Center

Online PR News – 03-April-2014 – Syracuse New York – On April 17th, Syracuse University upper classmen will receive real world expertise and experience. Peter Koveos, Kiebach Chair in International Business and Director at The Kiebach Center for International Business at Syracuse University has invited Vinny Lobdell, President of Central New York Based HealthWay and PURE Global to speak on his experiences in International business and how he helped bring his company to the forefront of the International indoor air quality market.

Vinny Lobdell, a seasoned executive, has traveled to over fifty countries developing markets for his company’s innovative medical grade air cleaning systems and filtration products. The International markets have played an increasingly important role in his company’s growth as poor air quality has become a major concern in Asian countries. Under Lobdell’s leadership, HealthWay was named to the prestigious INC 500-5000 fastest growing privately held companies in North America. HealthWay’s products have become known as the best solution for the most difficult air quality problems and can be found at some of the most prominent locations in the world. Some of the company’s customers include, Hyatt Hotels, Marriott, Harvard University, Starwood Hotels, IHG, Texas Instruments, BMW, Volkswagen and Crystal Cruises.

Lobdell, was also instrumental in PURE Global’s rapid Global expansion. PURE Rooms, a patented 7 step Allergy Friendly environmental enhancement program, have become the number one hospitality amenity worldwide and can be found in over 750 hotels around the globe. Over one million people per month experience a PURE environment. PURE is expanding its reach into vertical markets like, schools, daycare, maritime, mass transit and commercial office space. The company also has its eyes set on a major residential launch in early 2015. Lobdell credits much of the company’s growth to timing and innovation. Lobdell stated “Our team is constantly innovating and looking at ways to be in front of the market. That is painful sometimes because we commonly find ourselves educating on the need before the demand is there.” He continued by saying “I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to share my experiences with others that are interested in pursuing International Business.”

Central New York Based HealthWay/PURE Global is located in Pulaski, New York. The Company employs 190 people globally and is rapidly expanding. For more information on HealthWay and its FDA listed line of residential, commercial and industrial air cleaning products visit