Indoor air pollution is by no means a specialized problem, and as a result, HealthWay’s innovations perform at the highest level in all kinds of applications, across a wide variety of industries.


A healthcare facility can be meticulous in every other way, but without clean indoor air, the dangers are real. HealthWay technology eliminates bacteria and volatile organic compounds, helping to prevent infection and extended illness.

  • - Reducing bio-burden and ultrafine particulates
  • - Preventing cross-contamination of diseases
  • - Better infection control

Any good boss knows that happy, healthy employees are key to success. And clean indoor air goes a long way toward the kind of work environment that promotes health, energy and a job well done.

  • - Reduced absenteeism/sick time
  • - Increased employee morale
  • - Increased energy savings

It’s vitally important for our children to attend school. Yet schools can be breeding grounds for bacteria and allergens, and that’s where HealthWay comes in, with air purification that cuts down on those trips to the nurse’s office.

  • - Improved health
  • - Increased presenteeism
  • - Providing allergy-friendly environment

Waking up in a comfortable bed after a great night’s sleep, and taking a deep breath of clean, fresh air – this is the basic recipe for a happy hotel guest. With HealthWay providing that air, the room itself will be a destination.

  • - Improved air quality
  • - Relief from allergy related problems due to reduced airborne contaminants
  • - Improved sleep
Public Safety

Public safety operations are always filled with people working in enclosed spaces. A setup structured for the public good, but also a recipe for unhealthy indoor air.

  • - Reduced sick time – 911 call centers
  • - Viability of evidence and odor control - evidence vaults
  • - Preventing cross-contamination in negative pressure applications – prisons

Clean Room

When the tiniest form of contamination could be disastrous, you need the most powerful air filtration in the industry, which goes above and beyond HEPA regulations. You need HealthWay.

  • - Increased level of cleanliness for various processes/operations
  • - Effective contaminant control
  • - Reduced ultrafine particles to achieve the required level of cleanliness

Industrial settings require sharp, energetic workers who pay attention to detail. HealthWay technology gives them the kind of healthy, safe indoor air that can help them reach their potential.

  • - Safer work environment due to reduction of airborne ultrafine particulates
  • - Control of odor and gaseous pollutants
  • - Improved products/processes
Sustainable | Green Buildings

HealthWay air isn’t only good for the people breathing it. It’s good for the environment as a whole, and for eco-friendly builders as well.

  • - Improved air quality
  • - Increased energy savings
  • - Achieving LEED rating/points for various building categories
Entertainment | Casinos

Entertainment complexes are designed to show you a good time – but odors like cigarette smoke aren’t exactly a blast. HealthWay systems eliminate odors like these, leaving nothing behind but the desire to have fun.

  • - Elimination of smoke odors and gaseous pollutants
  • - Improved customer experience in each area
Fitness Centers

Healthy indoor air makes for a more satisfying workout, eliminating odors and reducing the allergens in the air, which is why fitness centers trust HealthWay to keep their indoor air in perfect shape.

  • - Reduced dust, bio-burden and allergy causing ultrafine particulates
  • - Preventing cross-contamination among customers
  • - Odor control
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