HealthWay’s Commercial Air Purification systems have provided the best indoor air quality solution for various public safety operation centers in the Sumter County region of Florida State.

Negative Pressure Isolation Areas
The HW- 2000SC Systems were designed to provide an extremely clean indoor environment and to reduce the risk of transmission of diseases such as Tuberculosis in the negative pressure cells.

Evidence Vaults
Keeping the evidence viable and controlling the odors and bio-burden due to various drugs and biological contaminants was a major concern in this application. HealthWay’s customized self-contained air purification systems were designed specifically for this application at 10 air changes per hour and providing the capability to provide maximum odor adsorption and bio-burden reduction. This resulted in a reduction of more than 98% of air borne contaminants.

The HW-700 Ceiling Mount Systems were installed in the 20,000 Cubic Foot area to reduce the risk of transmission of diseases.

Call and Dispatch and Emergency Operation Centers

These centers are one of the highest cost areas for an agency and with people working in close proximity for prolonged periods of time; it can become a breeding ground for various communicable diseases through the indoor air.

The HW-700 Ceiling Mount Systems were installed in the 20,000 Cubic Foot area to reduce the risk of transmission of diseases. Employee sick time was monitored after the installation of these systems and the agency incurred almost no overpay due to illnesses over a period of six months of monitoring.


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