Healthway Chairman and CEO Wins 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Vince Lobdell, founder, chairman and CEO of HealthWay, the global leading manufacturer of air cleaners for commercial residential and industrial use is awarded the 2013 Dee Heckthorn Entrepreneur of the year award.

Operation Oswego County, an Economic and Job Development Corporation serving Oswego County Awarded Vince Lobdell the 2013 Dee Heckthorn Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Lobdell who is founder and Chief Executive of HealthWay, a Global leading provider of medical grade air cleaners for industry, residential and commercial use was on hand with his team to accept the award. Under Vince Lobdell’s leadership HealthWay has quickly become a major player in commercial filtration and air cleaning and serves industry and residential applications in over 20 countries.

Vince Lobdell also oversaw the acquisition of PURE Global a sister company of HealthWay, and the leader in allergy friendly hotel rooms and environments. Lobdell acts as the companies Chairman and helps oversee the strategy for the company’s rapidly growing international business.

He is very active in the community and is committed to the revitalization of Pulaski. He owns and spearheaded the multi-million dollar renovation of the Kallet Theater which will soon open as the Kallet Movie theatre and conference center. The Lobdell’s have revitalized many of the old and dilapidated buildings in Pulaski including the 1836 Ontario Iron Works building which now houses HealthWay’s state of the art corporate offices.

Vinny Lobdell stated, "my father has an entrepreneurial spirit that is contagious and is willing to couple that spirit with the risk it takes to make things happen, we are proud and grateful he has been recognized for his accomplishments."

Healthway is the global leading provider of air cleaners to the residential, commercial, and industrial market places with a specific focus on hospitality through its award winning sister company PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms. Both HealthWay and PURE have been recognized as Inc. 500-5000 fastest growing companies in the U.S.

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