Life Academy Partners with HealthWay to Provide Air Cleaners Worldwide

Life Academy a leading educational and self improvement organization partners with HealthWay to provide the healthiest learning environments for their members.

17-February-2016 – Pulaski, New York – Life Academy, a Taiwanese organization that follows a "life manual" dedicated to the "advancement of the human spirit" has partnered with the global leading manufacturer and provider of air cleaners, HealthWay. Life Academy is a rapidly growing institution with a program oriented towards providing life improvement and development techniques. People from all over the world study at the organizations many locations. The academy has thousands of members taking part in classes in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.S.A.
As indoor air quality concerns have taken center stage across the globe, with heighten awareness in China and Asia, Life Academy called on Healthway the Global leading provider of residential, industrial, medical and commercial air cleaners. Life Academy understood the need to ensure their members were being educated in the healthiest environments possible. HealthWay was contracted to provide air cleaning for all Life Academy facilities worldwide. HealthWay’s air cleaning systems have been proven to provide 40x more efficient filtration than that of a Medical Grade HEPA air cleaner. Further HealthWay’s patented DFS technology developed at HealthWay’s Global R&D facility in Pulaski New York have been proven to eliminate up to 99% of all mold, virus bacteria and fungi. HealthWay air cleaners are easily adaptable to almost any space and can treat all point of entry air or point of use air.

President of Central New York Based Healthway Vinny Lobdell stated, "Life Academy is a world renowned institution, and we are proud to have partnered with them on a global level to provide the healthiest environments possible for their members."

HealthWay’s global headquarters and R&D Center are located in Pulaski New York where the company manufactures a full line of residential commercial and medical grade air cleaners adaptable to almost any space. The companies air cleaners can be found in over 20 countries and are the trusted choice for companies like Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Harvard University, The Cleveland Clinic, Crystal Cruises and BMW.
HealthWay is continuing to raise the bar by providing made in the U.S.A. commercial air cleaners that have been proven to be the most efficient air cleaners ever tested. To learn more about HealthWay and its full line of air cleaning products visit

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