HealthWay’s innovations fight indoor air pollution unlike any other. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at these comments from our satisfied customers, who trusted HealthWay and are breathing easier ever since.


At Diane’s day care center, she doesn’t play games when it comes to indoor air quality.

My name is Diane Jacobsen, and I am a Day Care Provider. I have been caring for children in my home for 12 years. I purchased my first purifier in March 2006. I could not believe what a difference it made in the air quality. You notice it within minutes of plugging it in. It greatly reduced the amount of dusting I had to do within my house as well. As any Day Care Provider knows, germs get spread so easily. I really believe that the HealthWay purifier has helped reduce the number of airborne infections spread in my home.
I also purchased a second HealthWay purifier in December and I am seriously considering buying an ozone unit from them as well. They stand behind their products. They are polite and courteous when you speak with them on the phone. I believe the machines do what they are designed to do and I would recommend them to anyone who cares for children.

As any Day Care Provider knows, germs get spread so easily. I really believe that the Healthway purifier has helped reduce the number of airborne infections spread in my home.

Day cares get a bad reputation because germs get spread so easily, so anything I can do to safeguard my family and my day care children is worth it. I truly believe in the products and will continue to recommend them.

Diane Jacobsen


Healthier indoor air for the whole family.

My mother just spent one month in the hospital due to respiratory failure. She was in ICU for 15 days. She has been disabled for 5 years due to COPD. When she came home from the hospital, I was afraid she would have a relapse due to the poor air quality in Los Osos, CA, mold and mildew capitol of the Central Coast. I had purchased the HW Deluxe and we are now into our 3rd week of ownership and the results are astounding! Today, the electricity went off. Mom was afraid to turn the machine back on until she called me at work. It was about an hour or so when she finally called. Her voice was dry and her breathing was labored. She said she was “tightening up” and breathing was getting harder. She told me that the power went out earlier and she wanted to know how to turn the air filter back on. I said, “Just push low or medium or high.” She did and it came on. I said “Call me in an hour and let’s see if the machine makes a difference, or if this has all been in our minds.” One hour later, I called her and she was breathing easier. She said, “Terry, it is amazing the difference I feel. I can walk into the other room and not be out of breath. I can take a deep breath again. I was getting so weak earlier that I could not do that. This machine works!”

We have had our HealthWay air purifier for only two weeks now and we are already feeling the benefits of ownership.

You may not be aware that I have been a long-term sufferer of fibromyalgia – a problem that attacks the central nervous system, causing numerous symptoms to minor muscles. These symptoms include occasional breathing difficulties, joint pains, chest pains and bowel associated problems. The HealthWay Deluxe has dramatically improved my health.

Thank you guys,
M. Oliver | Morley, WA