Zerorez® Announces New Partnership with HealthWay Home Products to Help Combat Indoor Air Pollution Across the United States

Zerorez®, with its GREEN cleaning focus and highly effective cleaning process using patented Empowered Water™, adds an important indoor air purification partnership.

Zerorez has focused on cleaning and sanitizing homes the right way, introducing new and disruptive technologies to the carpet-cleaning industry since its first operation opened in 2002. It now adds a partnership with HealthWay Home Products (HealthWay) to enhance and improve its commitment to responsible and effective residential and commercial cleaning.
HealthWay manufactures air-cleaning products for a wide range of customers internationally. Its patented Class 3 Medical Device technology has proven to be the most efficient home and business air cleaners on the market today. Certified independent third party test data supports a filtration efficiency of 99.99% at removing all particles as small as .007 micron, which is 40% more efficient than a HEPA filter. It is these ultrafine particles that often cause strokes, cardiovascular disease and even birth defects.
This year, HealthWay was engaged to provide customized air filtration for one of China’s most distinguished private schools, Dulwich Beijing. These customized units were built in Pulaski, New York. Six months of post-installation testing revealed the HealthWay filtration system met all guidelines for a healthy indoor environment. HealthWay President, Vinny Lobdell stated, “Air quality problems come in all shapes and sizes and so do our customized solutions. We provide real solutions to real problems.”
Lobdell added, “At Healthway, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the most effective air cleaning systems in the world. When we look for a partner, we look for best in class organizations that add value to the sales process by educating the customer on the benefits of our solutions. Zerorez is exactly that type of partner. Zerorez franchisees are constantly at the leading edge of innovation and are always looking for ways to add value to their world class cleaning processes. This partnership represents two companies unified to create ‘America’s healthiest homes.’
Recently, HealthWay provided air cleaning equipment to Bank of America in Malaysia, Goldman Sachs, BMW China and many state and local hospitals in Quito, Ecuador. Earlier in 2015, when the MERS epidemic hit the Middle East, both the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Health and the Saudi Ministry of Health partnered with HealthWay. When it matters most, industry leaders such as like Hyatt, Hilton, BMW, Volkswagen, and hospitals worldwide choose HealthWay for efficient and efficacious indoor air cleaning. For more information on HealthWay, see
Rick Arnold, Zerorez® chief operating officer, stated, “We are honored to be associated with HealthWay and to be in the company of other great brands that it works with. We look forward to helping more people add clean indoor air to the fresh and clean carpets and other surfaces in their homes that we clean.”
Zerorez developed its patented Empowered Water™ cleaning system to fundamentally change the carpet and living surface cleaning industry. Empowered Water™ is electrolyzed and oxidized water that creates a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins, soaps or detergents. Other cleaning processes leave soil-attracting residue, which, after cleaning, attracts more dirt and bacteria, failing to provide a truly lasting clean. With Zerorez, the result is Zero Residue®. It is simply The Right Way To Clean®.
Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc.’s corporate offices are in metro Salt Lake City, UT, and its franchise organization is coast-to-coast in 27 states. In recognition of its cleaning efficacy, the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has awarded Zerorez its Platinum Rating, the cleaning industry’s highest rating. See for more information or to contact the corporate office.

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